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Wholesale Latest Fashion Jewelry Mozaicusa

Welcome to Wholesale MozaicUsa
Welcome to Mozaic USA
We are extremely proud to introduce our products to you in the USA. Our bold, artistic, sophisticated and unique jewelry will intrigue you and your clients. Many traditional Ottoman designs have inspired our craftsmen in making our jewelry. This combination of heritage and contemporary designs brings you a beautiful and unique product for you. 
Over 50 years of skill and artistic craftsmanship has allowed us to bring you this handmade line of ottoman jewelry.
Mozaic USA was established in New Jersey in 2008. Our goal is to provide you with a unique collection that will satisfy your clients. We believe that our unique products and our outstanding service, coupled with our 100% customer satisfaction policy for any product defect will make your shopping experience unprecedented.
All of our jewelry is made of Zamak (Zink and Magnesium alloy), and is free of any nickel or lead. The high quality silver/gold plating used on all of our metals will remain preserved for a long time.
Our earring wires are made from brass to prevent any irritation and are also silver/gold plated.
We only use 100% genuine leather cords in our leather necklaces to ensure you are getting a high quality product.
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